Re: Port Wilmington, Delaware Transitions to a Secure/Restricted Facility

Dear Valued Customer of Port Wilmington, Delaware,

May 4, 2020

Dear Valued Customers:

With effect from Monday May 11th, 2020, in accordance with Coast Guard Requirements, the Port of Wilmington Delaware/GT USA Wilmington will revert to an entirely Restricted Area.

Therefore, all non-TWIC holders requiring access to the port of Wilmington will need a certified TWIC Escort while on the Port. Also, effective Monday, May 11th, 2020, GT USA Wilmington will suspend the $60.00 per day pass fee for non-TWIC truck drivers until further notice.

All non- TWIC holders will use lane 6 at the Port’s Main Gate between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday to provide the federally mandated escorting. If Gettier is not available or if you have questions regarding their fees schedule for escorting, they can be reached at (302) 652-2700 or (302) 293-9077.

Gettier escorting Fee: $66.00 first hour and $35.00 every half hour thereafter.

All non-TWIC drivers are required to wear non-TWIC safety vests while on port property. If they do not have their own vests, we have a supply available for purchase at a cost of $8.00.

A non-TWIC holder may be escorted by anyone who is a Port Wilmington trained escort card holder; otherwise, non-TWIC holders will be required to hire Gettier Service as its escort.

​Best regards,
Port Wilmington

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