Delaware’s seaport has been an important gateway and distribution center for concentrate and not-from-concentrate juices since the early 1980’s and today ranks as the #1 discharge port for juice concentrate.

In 1984, Citrosuco Paulista, a division of the Fischer Group, a Brazilian leading orange juice producers and shippers, constructed a bulk orange juice concentrates off-loading and storage terminal at the Port of Wilmington. Further expansions in the early 1990’s and in 2010 rank Citrosuco’s facility at the Port as North America’s largest bulk juice storage terminal with a total storage capacity of over 10 million gallons.

The company operates a fleet of specialized tanker vessels that call Wilmington year-round carrying bulk frozen orange juice concentrate. In May 2010, Citrosuco merged with Citrovita and formed the world’s largest orange juice company.

Wilmington is an East Coast gateway and distribution center for shipments of Argentine apple and pear juice concentrate delivered in bins and drums on specialized refrigerated vessels. Brazilian orange and apple juice in frozen slurry and not from concentrates are shipped in “juice” tankers. The juice is stored at the Port’s dock-side cold-storage warehouses and distributed by refrigerated trucks and rail cars to apple juice processors throughout the United States.