Port Wilmington, Delaware is the leading US seaport for cattle exports.

Wilmington’s port entered the livestock trade in 1987 loading live cattle to Venezuela, Egypt, and the Canary Islands. Today, the Port handles dairy cows destined to Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan & Saudi Arabia.

The Port is well equipped to handle a wide range cattle shipments, including pregnant dairy cattle. We have eight deepwater berths (38 ft. deep) with 33 acres of truck staging area for the transfer of livestock from trucks to ship, and to load feed and hay for the voyage. Your Port of Delaware is located less than 90 miles from the Pennsylvania Holstein Association’s quarantine facility, and less than 1/2 mile from the I-495 ramp. Our location allows for non-congested mid-Atlantic distribution and reduces the inland transportation costs from your farm to the Port. Our Northeast location mitigates blue tongue disease.

Last but not least, the Port of Personal Service offers full logistics coordination service to cattle exporters.