Port Wilmington’s strategic location at the heart of the U.S. East Coast, with excellent rail and road connections, makes it an ideal port and distribution hub for special project cargo.

The Port is comprised of 308-acres, with close to 4,000-foot marginal wharf and 38-foot MLW water depth. Ample berth space and 24/7 work ability allow maximum flexibility for special project cargo shippers and carriers.

The Port’s cranes have a maximum lift capacity of 100 tons for heavy lift, which is helpful for loading and unloading of special project cargo. Expertise with multi-modal project movements, RoRo, High and Heavy capability, local heavy lift rigging & hauling contractors, on-dock staging for 40 rail cars – rail cargo width capacity up to 12 ft. 6 in., 40 acres for outside storage and immediate access to interstate highway system, along with an efficient and experience workforce all contribute to making us the premiere port for special project cargo handling.

Last but not least, Delaware’s Department of Transportation and Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security facilitates timely and cost-effective truck permitting and police escort services for quick and cost-effective movement of this project cargo through the State and onward to its final destination.

In the past few years, the Port has been the port of choice for special project cargoes including Orbital Sciences’ – 87 ft long rocket booster cores for the “Antares” program, CO2 storage tanks – 120 ft long & 100 tons from barge, brewery tanks from Germany, parts for power generating plants, wind turbine blades, large generators, construction equipment, and ship building materials.

Most recently Wilmington’s port received 39 x 62.2 m wind turbine blades, each blade weighing just under 13.5 tons, destined for a wind farm in West Virginia.