EFFECTIVE January 22, 2024

TWIC Policy:

  1. All Port Wilmington employees, tenants, customers, and vendors must have their TWIC card REGISTERED with the Security Office to gain entry to the terminal. If you don’t know where the Security Office is, please ask the guard at the gate for directions and you will be allowed to enter and go directly to the Security Office. The Security Office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am and 3pm to 4pm.
  1. When registering your TWIC card at the Security Office, bring your TWIC card and its six-to-eight digit PIN.
  1. If you do not know your six-to-eight digit PIN, you will need to contact a TWIC office and have them reset your PIN. You can find your local TWIC offices here: https://tsaenrollmentbyidemia.tsa.dhs.gov/locator?serviceCode=111111
  1. Any Port Wilmington, employee, tenant, customer, or vendor attempting to enter Port Wilmington after January 22, 2024, without a registered TWIC shall be denied entry.


  1. All visitors seeking access to Port Wilmington must submit a visitor request form 48 hours prior to arrival. Visitor Requests are made here: https://portwilmington.com/visitor-request-form/. Note: This provision does not apply to truck drivers picking up or delivering loads. Separate TWIC and escorting policies apply to cargo truck access.
  1. Once the request is submitted through the visitor’s portal, the request will be reviewed. The visitor will be notified via email whether their request is approved or denied. While at the port, all visitors must follow terminal rules for escorting and safety.